Painting the Ronald McDonald Houses

Painting the Ronald McDonald Houses in Helsinki

The painting of the blue Ronald McDonald House is complete. Here are some photos from the various stages of the painting project. Did you know you can support the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities by donation? Every euro counts in securing a place for the family of a critically ill child near the children’s hospital. Support the work of Ronald McDonald Houses.

Annually the Ronald McDonald Houses in Helsinki offer over 400 families a safe haven to stay at when life gets stormy. For the houses to withstand the storms thrown at them by the weather, Uula Color has donated the linseed oil paint for the painting of the three Ronald McDonald Houses.

The preparations began with setting up scaffolding and removing old flaky paint. Especially on the southern and western walls most exposed to the sun the paint had started flaking off.

The walls were washed with mould wash and once the walls were fully dry the patches of bare wood were primed. Bare patches of wood exposed during scraping were primed twice as well as the new pieces of wood used to replace damaged old boarding. The walls were then painted with linseed oil paint, the gorgeous colour of which got named Ronald Blue.

The weather favoured the painters with little interruption by rain. The fair weather sped up the drying of the paint significantly, but also brought with it some challenges. The painting had to be timed avoiding the scorching sun and surfaces heated by the sun.

The new paint invigorates the look of the whole house. The precious home shared by so many people has been transformed. It was painted collaboratively with good intentions. We look forward to the other two houses being finished too.