Into School

Into School – Into paints create an enjoyable learning environment

Into School International Preschool. Welcome on a tour of the most joyful and inspiring international and bilingual preschool. : ) INTO SCHOOL International Preschool, opened in Helsinki in January 2021, offers high standard preschool education and day care for 1–6-year-old children. With English and Finnish as the languages of the preschool, creativity and music are a central part of the children’s day, during which they are encouraged to tell stories, make music, follow their curiosity and cultivate courage.

Looking after the young learners and ensuring a safe environment for them to grow, not forgetting the well-being of the staff, is at the heart of Into School. The interiors were given a new fresh, light and modern look by renewing the walls, floors and furnishings. The plastic-free, breathable and odourless iNTO Interior Paint (semi-matt) was chosen for the school interior spaces, which as a totally emission-free paint is an excellent choice for every home and all public spaces. It is easy to paint with, it covers well and dries quickly. As well as Uula colour charts, iNTO paints can be tinted to most commonly available colour charts.

Our paints do not contain any plastic agents, which is best for wooden structures. The paints allow the wood to breathe ensuring no moisture is trapped under the coating, but is able to evaporate, protecting the wood from damage and decay. In the production process we consider the requirements for surface materials, product safety and environmental impact, thus our paints suit both traditional and new builds; restoration, renovation and redecoration.

Below are some photos from the renovation of Into School. (Photos by Monica Suarez Galindo)

This is what the space looked like before.