Developing EcoCompass – an environmental management system

Developing EcoCompass – an environmental management system

To further reduce our impact on the environment we are constructing an environmental management system for Uula Color called EcoCompass. We are mapping our current operations and our options for development while committing ourselves to environmental principles.

More recycling – less waste

We’re reducing the amount of waste we produce by recycling and opting for recyclable materials. We are making our products and services more eco-friendly by further increasing the proportion of local and ecological products in our operations wherever possible.

Saving energy – moving forward ecologically

We are increasing the proportion of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and investing in low-emission technology. We favour collated transport options and through our own actions support the transition to eco-friendly forms of transport.

Example to others – for our shared environment

Looking after the environment concerns us all. Our management and staff are committed to a responsible way of operating. Following the environmental protocols in our day-to-day work, each and every one of us is contributing to the cause.

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