Nature’s Colour Palette: Exhibition in Villa Arttu

NATURE’S COLOUR PALETTE: Exhibition in collaboration with Uula Color

Exhibition Nature’s Colour Palette is open at Cultural Centre Villa Arttu 26.1.-26.3.2021. Our plastic and emission-free Into Interior Paint was used in the exhibition set design. Exhibition Technical Manager Anu Haikonen and Producer Elina Katara are painting the exhibition set and installing the art work in the photos below. Photos by Nina Salomaa. Further information about the exhibition and related events below the photos. Welcome to experience Nature’s Colour Palette 😊.


Colour and strength from nature’s plants – Experience the world of colour through the lens of sustainability in the exhibition Nature’s Colour Palette

In Nature’s Colour Palette natural colours are viewed through the lens of conservation, ecological themes and future thinking. The idea sprang from the summery colour brilliance of plants and the use of mushrooms and plants as dyes. The exhibition also poses the question of how natural colours and materials can be used in the making of art. The exhibition is collated from the international archives for children’s art.

Nature’s Colour Palette kicks off a Villa Arttu outreach programme for children and young people visioning a more sustainable future.