Colours for interior design in 2022

Colours for interior design in 2022 – Colours and trends for 2022

The interior design palette for 2022 is full of earthy tones. Shades of grey and beige are still trendy, together with various shades of green. Accent colours are added with art, textiles, rugs and other decorative items. Boho style with plants and handmade textiles is still a strong trend. For a Scandinavian boho look, combine Nordic design with pastel tones, in a light playful manner. Broken earthy colours are foundational in interior design. Pale tones are complemented by nature’s own power hues such as reddish brown, burnt orange, blue or even burgundy. A natural and mellow palette sits harmoniously with furnishings without dramatic contrast. Try our colours Juutti, Höyhen, Hamppu and Oliivi for a beautiful palette to create the look.

The home as a safe and comfortable nest

We spend a lot of time at home, in the last couple of years perhaps more than ever. Our homes are not just homes, but spaces of work, study and hobbies. Spatial interior design has to be practical, functional and well organised. In addition, cozy softness is needed for the home to feel like a haven of peace and calm. Nature’s own earthy materials create a relaxed sense of safety, as well as enduring the added pressure of spending a lot of time at home. Quality, along with the recycled, upcycled and handmade is valued. Linen, wool, jute, leather and rattan continue to be popular, but stripey and floral patterns are rising alongside them to give some dynamic spark and vibrancy to interiors. Our recommended nest building colours are gentle natural shades such as Purjo, Helmi and Sahara.

What if warm colours are not to my liking?

If not a fan of soft and warm tones, you may be in need of fresh serene clarity, with space to breathe. Cool blueish tones of grey bring light, positive and harmonious energy to your home. Cool tones can be softened with textiles in the colours of wood. Shades of blue signify freedom, space and the sea breeze. Various brown tones balance out the blues, anchor them. No wonder the sea and the beach are such a classic image of rest and relaxation. To bring the sea breeze to your home, use Pisara, Hortensia, Dyyni and Terra.