Colour charts & brochures

Uula colour charts

Browse the unique colours in our colour charts and choose your favourites for interior and exterior painting.

The colours in these charts have been created electronically and do not replace genuine colour samples. The colours may vary depending on the screen. We recommend making your final colour choices with printed colour charts which you can order from us directly to your house. It is advisable to test the paint on a separate yet similar piece of material prior to starting the work to make sure you are happy with the colour in the space in question. Lighting in the space, the texture of surfaces and the surrounding colours affect the perception of colour.

Colours from our old colour charts can be used by order to tint our paints. Some of the colours can be found in our current Traditional Colour Chart. Old colours and colour matches can be found here.  If you would like an old colour and you are odering through the web shop, please get in touch with our sales department, so we can guide you on ordering the colours. Old colours are not available to choose directly from the website.


Order Brochures and colormaps

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