Semi-Matt Linseed Oil Paint / Painting instructions


Semi-Matt Linseed Oil Paint is a exterior paint made of boiled linseed oil, colour pigments and paraffin (photogen). Boiled linseed oil, used as oxidative binder, ensures that the paint coat develops a water vapour permeate surface that is breathable with the wood. Water vapour evaporates through the paint so that the paint does not peel and the wood underneath does not decay. Good coverage guarantees that one coat gives a good and smooth surface Intended use Exterior wooden surfaces that are untreated and have been previously painted
with paints containing oil, alkyd or plastic as binder. Also suitable for painting industrially primed wood surfaces and for painting different plaster and putty surfaces.


Colors from Uula Color Chart excluding 8210 Misteli and 6000 Sini. Can be tinted according to most common colour charts.


We recommend painting with a paint brush. The surface must be dry and the moisture content of the wood below 15 %. The relative air humidity must be below 80 % and the temperature at least +10°C. Drying time At 20°C and <80 % relative humidity: tack free in 1–3 days, depending on the circumstances. A new coat can be applied after 3 days at earliest. Heat and light is required for the paint to dry. If you are using a high pressure spray for painting, spread the paint with a brush after spraying to ensure an even layer. Thin the paint 30 % when spray painting with Uula Öljymaali Ohenne 1166.



Remove peeling and flaking old paint with a wire brush and scraper. Remove old paint as thoroughly as possible. Old, thick paint layers can be removed efficiently by using Uula Paint Remover. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and moulded ones with Uula Mould Cleaning Agent. Sand new planed surface to ensure adhesion.


Previously painted exterior wood surfaces: Patch-prime bare wood with Uula Exterior Primer if necessary and treat the rest of the surface with Uula Anti- Mould Agent.

New exterior wood surfaces: Prime new exterior surfaces with Uula Exterior Primer.

New, industrially primed wood surface: Does not need to be primed with Uula Exterior Primer or treated with Uula Anti-Mould Agent.

For metal surface prime with anti-rust primer before painting. If the surface is new planed timber, sand the surface to ensure adhesion or protect the surface with Uula Anti-Mould Agent and let the wood age for 1-2 years before painting.


Paint with one thick coat. Paint using plenty of paint in the brush. To ensure an even surface avoid correcting paint surface by patches afterwards.

We recommend painting two coats if the surface is exposed to heavy climate conditions. If the surface is painted twice (e.g. when painting loose boards) thin the paint 20%-40% on the first coat. When painting on top of an old Nordic paint surface, remove the Nordic paint from the surface, thin the paint 15 – 20 % and paint with one coat.

Points to note

  • Reserve enough paint for a large surface in order to avoid potential colour variations in different batches.
  • The paint must always be stirred well before and during use.
  • Check the colour before painting.
  • Do a test painting to a separate piece of wood e.g.
  • To guarantee a smooth and beautiful surface, paint the surface in strips that are parallel with the boarding. Start from the top of the board in vertically boarded surface and in horizontally boarded surface, start from the top and paint until the end of the board. Paint also the cross-sectional surfaces of the timber carefully.
  • Do not paint in the rain, in direct sunlight or a sun heated surface.
  • If the paint is sprayed to the surface, spread the paint with a brush after spraying. The paint should be thinned 10 % with Uula Oil Paint Thinner if sprayed to the surface.
  • If the painting of the surface is postponed to the next summer, protect the surface with uula Anti-Mould Agent.
  • If there is mould and dirt in the surface, the surface should be washed.


Planed timber or previously painted surface 7 m2/L, rough sawn timber 5 m2/L.
Uula Oil Paint Thinner  (max 10% when painting with one coat).

Container sizes – 0.9 L, 2.7 L, 9 L

Cleaning of equipment
Clean the equipment with Uula Universal Thinner or petroleum spirit and rinse with soap and water.
Storage & disposal
Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Does not freeze. Always stir well before use as the pigment settles during storage. Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

Fire classification
Caution: Linseed oil on cleaning rags etc. may catch fire by itself. Oily rags and cloths etc. should be burned or rinsed in water before putting into refuse bins



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