Uula Primer / Painting instructions


Uula Primer is safe, eco-friendly and easy to use. Latex-free and odourless water-borne primer for exterior use. Improves adhesion, dries fast and is breathable with the wood. Renewable natural oils work as the binder. We recommend Primer to be used as a primer for Linseed Oil Paint, Semi-Matt Linseed Oil Paint and House Paint. Primer is not suitable as a primer for Nordic Paint and Translucent paints.



Uula Primer can be tinted according to Uula Traditional Color Chart, Uula Interior Color Chart and according to the covering tones of the most common color charts.


Brush or spray. The surface must be dry and the moisture content of the wood below 15 %. The relative air humidity must be below 80 % and the temperature at least +5°C. The surface must not be heated by the sun. Drying time – Tack-free in approx. 30 minutes. A new coat of paint can be applied after 6 hours. (+20°C and <80 % relative humidity).


Clean the surface from dirt and dust. Remove peeling and flaking old paint with wire brush and scraper. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and mouldy ones with mould washing solution. Sand a new planed surface rough before priming to ensure adhesion.
Paint with Uula Exterior Primer. Let dry for 6 hours.
According to the instructions of the desired paint type.


  • Stir well before use and during painting
  • Do not paint in rain, direct sunlight or on sun heated surfaces
  • You can dilute the paint 15 % with water when painting the boards separately.
  • When using high-pressure paint spray, pre-treatment according to the surface. Size of spray nozzle 0,5mm and thinning 0-10 % if needed.
  • If surface becomes dirty due to climatic effects, wash the surface

Uula Exterior Primer

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