Painting instructions for Ilona Glazing Paint

Painting instructions for Ilona Glazing Paint. Ilona Glazing Paint is fast drying and odourless water-based wood stain for interior use. Paint is suited to old and new untreated wooden surfaces and surfaces treated with products that do not form a hard coating. It is ideal for ceilings, wall panels, doors, window frames and furniture indoors. Ilona Glazing Paint leaves the grain of the wood visible and protects the surface from moisture and dirt in both dry and wet spaces. Wood stain is an excellent alternative to wax due to its washability and ease of future treatment. Please note that when choosing a translucent stain, the colour of the surface and previous treatments affect the end result. Differences in tinting pastes, tinting machines and tinting methods may cause subtle variation in shade.

Painting instructions for Ilona Glazing Paint

Stir Ilona Glazing Paint thoroughly before and during use. Reserve and mix enough stain for a large surface in order to avoid potential colour variations in different batches. Paint a test patch to ensure the colour is correct and to find the desired level of opacity. The paint attains its true colour once fully dry. Use paint generously, as a dry brush can cause uneven texture and gloss. Paint one board or log at a time. Protect surfaces not to be treated with adhesive tape, paper, cardboard or protective film.

Application & Conditions & Painting Instructions 

We recommend using a varnish brush or a smooth finish paint brush depending on the material and structure of the surface. The surface to be painted must be dry, the relative air humidity below 80 % and the temperature at least +10°C. Ilona Glazing Paint is touch dry in approx. 30 minutes and ready for a re-coat in 2 hours.

Preparation: Remove dust from the surface to be treated. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Wash following the instructions and allow to dry thoroughly before treatment.
Clear treatment: Treat the surface with clear wood stain 1–3 times. Sand the surface between treatments and remove dust.
Coloured treatment: Treat the surface with tinted wood stain 1–2 times to the desired opacity. To enhance durability treat the surface 1–2 times with clear wood stain.


Coverage:  Planed/smooth timber 12–15 m2/L, sawn/porous timber 6–10 m2/L.
Thinner: Water
Cleaning of equipment: Clean the equipment with soap and water straight after you have finished painting.
Storage & disposal: Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not allow to freeze! Dry and empty containers can be recycled. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

Treat all painted surfaces with care during the first month. Clean the surfaces with soft cloths and sponges that do not scratch the surface. Use neutral washing agents only. Rinse the surfaces carefully.

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