iLONA Sauna Stain / Painting instructions

iLONA SAUNA STAIN  / Painting instructions

Ilona Sauna Stain. Fast drying and odourless glazing paint for treating wood surfaces in sauna and washroom areas. Does not contain plastic agents. Sauna Stain leaves the grains of the wood visible and gives a surface that protects from moisture and dirt. For old and new untreated wood surfaces and surfaces that have been treated with glazing agents that do not form a hard coating, e.g. sauna and washroom ceilings and wall panels, doors, window frames and benches. The product is not suitable for surfaces that have been previously treated with paraffin oil or wax. Do not use on floors.



iLONA Sauna Stain is translucent, but additionally to our translucent interior colour chart it can also be tinted according to the most common translucent colour charts. Please notify that when choosing a translucent stain, the colour of the surface, the gloss level of the paint, previous treatments and tinting pastes, tinting machines and differences in tinting methods can cause differences in colours.


Stir iLONA Sauna Stain thoroughly before and during use. Reserve enough paint for a large surface in order to avoid potential colour variations in different batches. Do a test painting to ensure that the colour is correct. We also recommend doing a test paint to ensure the desired opacity. Please note that the correct color of the paint is visible after the surface is dry. Always paint with plenty of paint, as excessively dry brush can cause uneven texture and gloss. Paint one board or log at a time. Take care of the painting environment and protect untreated surfaces with adhesive tape, paper, cardboard or protective film.

Preparation: Remove dust from the surface to be treated. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Wash following the instructions and allow to dry thoroughly before treating.
Colourless treatment: Treat the surface with colourless iLONA Sauna Stain 1–3 times. Sand the surface in between treatments and remove dust.
Coloured treatment: Treat the surface with iLONA Sauna Stain 1–2 times to the desired opacity. To enhance endurance treat the surface 1–2 times with colourless iLONA Sauna Stain.

Application & conditions

Lacquer brush, levelling paint brush or ordinary paint brush. The surface to be painted must be dry, the relative air humidity below 80 % and the temperature at least +10°C.
Drying time: Tack-free in approx. 30 minutes. A new coat of paint can be applied after 2 hours.
Drying of the Sauna benches: Can be used after 1 week of painting.


Emission class M1 in building materials.
Wet abrasion resistance: over 5000 strokes. Washable.
Does not contain any VOC.
Gloss grade: Silky matt
Coverage:  Planed/smooth timber 12–15 m2/L
Thinner: WaterCleaning of equipment: Clean the equipment with soap and water right after you have finished painting.
Container sizes: 0.9 L, 2.7 L, 9 L
Storage & disposal: Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not allow to freeze! Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump.
Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point

Be careful with all painted surfaces during the first month. Clean the surface only with soft rags and sponges that do not scratch the surface. Use only neutral washing agents. Rinse the surfaces carefully.


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