Instructions of use for Iron sulfate


Iron sulfate or ferrous sulfate
FeSO4 – CAS – no. 7720 -78-7

Iron sulfate is used to colour wood into a grey tone in exterior woodsurfaces and is used as ingredient in the manufactory of Nordic Red Paint.

Iron sulfate is mixed into hot water (2,5 kg of powder to 15 – 20 L of water) until the powder is well mixed into the liquid. The wooden surface is treated with a generous amount of the mixed iron sulfate water. After this the wood is left in sunlight. The final shade of grey will be visible approximately after 2-3 months. The moisture content of the wood, the age of the wood, the quality of the wood and water etc. will all influence the final tone. The best surface absorption is on a sawn timber surface.

Planed timber 8-10 m2/L, rough sawn timber 4-5 m2/L.

Points to note:
Iron sulfate is harmful if swallowed and irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory.
Use proper protective equipment when using iron sulfate.
Keep away from children!

Points to note:
*The Iron sulfate water might run down to the plinth if it rains and colour the s
urface into a rusty brown colour. Thus, make sure you cover other surfaces before
the iron sulfate treatment.
*Ensure that the iron sulfate mixture does not spill on the inner surfaces to
prevent from staining
*The Iron sulfate treatment might bring to the surface light-coloured
“granules”, so-called salts, which will disappear over time.
*The product is alkaline, and might corrode nails.
*The product only works with sunlight and will not work in dark.

These instructions are made to help them, who are interested in treating the wood with iron sulfate. Since iron sulfate is not a premade product or a surface treatment agent, we do not take responsibility on matters concerning the use of the product. If you are unsure, we recommend other products, such us our paints and other surface treatment products, to be used instead.

Iron sulfate 2,5 L (2kg)

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