Uula Linseed Oil Paint

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Genuine and traditional, semi-gloss linseed oil paint that is breathable with the surface.


Product Description

The environmentally friendly UULA Linseed Oil Paint is a non-toxic and safe natural product smelling of linseed oil and it contains no solvents.

Tested by several generations and atmospheric conditions
Linseed oil paint has been used in Finland since the 18th century. Initially only valuable buildings like churches and mansions were painted with linseed oil paint and later on wooden city houses. In addition to exteriors, linseed oil paint has been used both in interiors and furniture, doors, windows and even covering floor boards. The shades of colour are pleasingly soft.

Best alternative even today
In addition to renovation projects, the natural appearance of UULA Linseed Oil Paint is also suitable for new buildings. When selecting a paint one should also consider durability, hiding power and the possibility to repaint. A cheap paint may prove to be more costly after a few years if it has to be removed before repainting or if the wooden parts are rotted and damaged by the use of impermeable paint and need to be repaired.

Best raw materials
The genuine UULA Linseed Oil Paint is made in the traditional way from pressed and boiled linseed oil and colour pigments. People often think that oil paint smells strongly of solvents. A genuine linseed oil paint, however, contains no solvents but smells of linseed oil. A traditional linseed oil paint contains no plastic or alkyd binding medium.

Uula Linseed Oil Paint works properly with a wooden structure
A surface painted with UULA Linseed Oil Paint breathes; therefore the wood does not decay or rot under the paint. Even repainting is easy as Uula Linseed Oil Paint can always be applied on top of a genuine oil paint without difficult and expensive paint removal. Zinc white primer is used as the primer for linseed oil paint. It should be repainted within one month. Thinned linseed oil paint is used for undercoating and unthinned linseed oil for finishing. An oil paint is always applied as a thin coat with tight strokes. Too thick a coat wrinkles because oil paint expands when drying. Due to high-quality raw materials, the weather resistance of Uula Linseed Oil Paint is good.

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0.9 litres, 2.7 litres, 9 litres


Rough, sawn surface, Smooth, planed surface

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Painting instructions:

Painting with Uula Linseed Oil Paint (video)

Linseed Oil Paint / Painting Instructions

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