Uula Nordic Paint

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Traditional and easy to use house paint for exterior surfaces.


Product Description

Dries fast. Single coat of paint. Easy to apply. Easy to repaint.
Manufactured traditionally by boiling colour pigments with rye and wheat flours.

The earliest red earth treatments in Finland were done in the 16th century. In the 19th century, after yellow earth became popular with the gentry, even the peasants were able to start painting with red earth.

In the 60’s latex paint was advertised as an easy, durable solution in preference to red earth. The boiling of paints was thought of as old-fashioned. However, it gradually became apparent that the beautifully ageing red earth would still have been a problem-free and significantly better choice.

The Nordic Paint finish is matt. It ages by wearing and does not peel. Nordic Paint does not prevent the wood surface from getting wet and, more important, neither does it prevent the wood from drying. Nordic Paint requires an absorbent base and it is suitable for an unpainted wood surface or a surface previously painted with Nordic Paint. The best surface for Nordic Paint is a rough log surface or a sawn board and not a planed surface. Nordic Paint is applied to cover at one coat, and due to its economic price, it is an excellent paint for wooden buildings. The corner and covering boards of a building painted with distemper have traditionally been painted with linseed oil paint. No priming is required for repainting; all loose dirt is simply brushed off the surface which can then be repainted.

Both during painting and as a finished surface, distemper is a non-toxic and, as a natural product, very environmentally-friendly paint.

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1 litre, 10 litres, 20 kg, 20 litres, 3 litres


Previously painted surface, Rough, sawn surface

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