Uula Roslag Mahogany

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Product Description

♦ Made of boiled linseed oil and pit-burned tar.
♦ The tar that Roslag Mahogany contains absorbs in the wood and improves the long-term durability of the surface.
♦ Roslag Mahogany is breathable with the wood.

Uula Roslag Mahogany can be used on old and new untreated wood surfaces and old exterior wood surfaces impregnated with agents that do not form a hard coating, e.g. log or board walls, wood boats and jetties.

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Additional information


0.9 litres, 2.7 litres, 9 litres


Rough, sawn surface, Smooth, planed surface

Product Data Sheet:

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Painting instructions:

Roslag Mahogany / Painting instructions

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