iLONA Sauna Stain

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iLONA Sauna Stain is designed for staining wooden surfaces such as panelled or log ceilings and walls; doors, seating and banisters in the sauna and shower room.


Product Description

Ilona Sauna Stain – Beautiful and natural protection for wooden surfaces in the sauna and shower room

iLONA Sauna Stain gives a matt translucent finish to wooden surfaces in the sauna and shower room. It is designed for new and old untreated wooden surfaces, as well as surfaces treated with products that do not form a membrane or hard coating that might prevent the absorption of the stain. It is perfect for sauna and shower room ceiling and wall panelling, doors, architraves and seating. In the shower room the product is recommended for surfaces that are not directly exposed to water.

iLONA Sauna Stain is odourless, easy to use, smooths to an even finish, dries fast and leaves the beautiful grain of the wood visible.

iLONA Sauna Stain gives the wood a durable protective surface. It is an excellent alternative to wax due to its high tolerance of being washed and the ease of future treatment.

iLONA Sauna Stain can be tinted with the Uula Translucent Colours or according to most common translucent colour charts. When choosing a stain, please note that the colour of the surface, previous treatments and tinting pastes, tinting machines and differences in tinting methods can cause differences in colours.

Technical details:

Coverage: Planed/smooth timber 12–15 m2/l, sawn/porous timber 6–10 m2/l.

Drying: Touch dry in approximately 30 minutes. Second coat may be applied after 2 hours. Seating may be used after a week, but may need to be protected for up to a month.

Plastic-free: With renewable natural oils as the binder, the water-based iLONA Sauna Stain is an eco-friendly choice.

Emission-free: iLONA Sauna Stain does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC).

M1: iLONA has been granted the best low-emission classification for building materials, M1.

MIT-free: The product contains no methylisothiazolinone (MIT).



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Additional information


0.9 litres, 2.7 litres, 9 litres


Smooth planed surface, Unpainted porous fiber board, Very old wooden surface

Product Data Sheet:

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Painting instructions:

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