Uula Floor Paint semi-matt

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Traditional floor paint for wooden floors and other interior surfaces that require a durable finish.

Uula Floor Paint semi-matt – Durability with a beautiful finish

Uula Floor Paint semi-matt is a traditional durable paint for floors and other interior surfaces exposed to heavy traffic. It is suited to new and previously painted and varnished wooden floors, as well as wood fibre board and concrete floors in dry interior spaces. It is also perfect for painting furniture, doors and skirting boards.

Coverage: 10-12 m2/l.
Thinner: Uula Thinner
Drying time: Touch dry within 6 hours. Re-paintable in approximately 24 hours. Warmth and light speed up drying. Curing continues for a month during which the dragging of heavy furniture should be avoided.
Colours: May be tinted to most commonly available colour charts. Please note that depending on the gloss level, the tinting paste, machinery or tinting method, there may be subtle variations in hue.

Technical details

Plastic-free: The paint does not contain any plastic agents. Uula Floor Paint is made with natural resins and linseed oil alkyd. Non-aromatic hydrocarbon solvent.
VOC emissions: Less than 300g/l. (EU VOC limit 500g/l).
Storage & disposal: Keep in a cool and dry place. Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.

Instructions for painting with Uula Floor Paint

An instructional video on painting with Uula Floor Paint

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0.9 litres, 2.7 litres, 9 litres


Smooth, unpainted/painted surface


You need about
litres of paint

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Painting instructions for Uula Floor Paint

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