Wallpaper Powder Adhesive 200g


Fine grained powder wallpaper paste

Product Description

Wallpaper Powder Adhesive (Dana Lim) 201 is an easy dissolvable very fine starch-based powder adhesive for mounting ordinary wall-paper in dry rooms. The product is very suitable for automatic application machines. Wallpaper Powder Adhesive 201 fulfils the requirements of the CE-labelling according to EN 71-5: 1993.

Directions for use

Preparation: The foundation must be clean, dry, solid, non- smudging and free from wallpaper remnants. Non-absorbent and painted foundations are sanded and washed with a cleaning agent.
Necessary priming of plaster can be done with diluted glue (1 kg powder + 30 lt. water). On smudging or very absorbent surfaces priming should be done with Plaster Primer 224 or
Plaster Primer Gel Extra 228 after cleaning.
Mixing-ratio: 1 kg Wallpaper Powder Adhesive 201 is added slowly into 22 lt. cold water while stirring. Keep stirring for approx. 2 minutes. After approx. 10 minutes rest, the paste is once again
stirred thoroughly and the adhesive is ready to use.
Application temperature: Room temperature
Application: The glue is applied in an even layer on the backside of the wallpaper, where is should soften the wallpaper before hanging. Avoid glue on the front side of the paper. Any glue that comes to the front side of paper, removed depending on paper quality with a damp cloth or sponge.
Yield: 1 kg Wallpaper Powder Adhesive 201 covers approx. 120 m². Diluted for priming 1 Kg covers approx. 230 m².

Also refer to the instructions from the wallpaper supplier.

Wallpaper Powder Adhesive 201 fulfils the requirements of the Association for Art- and Hobby materials, and is placed in group A.

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Additional information

Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions12 × 6 × 15 cm