Uula Decking Oil

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Uula Decking Oil is a fast-drying translucent water-based oil for wooden exterior surfaces.

Product Description

Uula Decking Oil – A water-based oil for exterior wood surfaces, terraces and jetties

Uula Decking Oil is a fast drying water based treatment oil for exterior wood surfaces. The product is odourless, durable and easy to maintain. The quick-to-absorb translucent treatment oil protects the wood from dirt and moisture, reduces cracking and keeps the wood in good condition naturally.

Uula Decking Oil suits new and old untreated wood as well as surfaces treated with products that do not form a membrane or hard coating that might prevent the absorption of the oil. It is ideal for log walls and weather boarding, terraces, decking, jetties, wooden stairs and banisters, wooden furniture and boats. It can also be used on impregnated wood.

In addition to the translucent colours on the Uula Colour Charts the Uula Decking Oil can be tinted to most commonly available translucent colour charts. Please note that the colour of the surface, previous treatments and tinting pastes, tinting machines and differences in tinting methods may cause subtle variation in colour. The number of coats changes the gloss level of the coating.

Thanks to the linseed and fish oil the decking oil is made with, the treated wooden structures remain in good condition for a long time.

Coverage: Rough sawn surfaces approx. 6 m2/litre. Smooth planed surfaces approx. 10 m2/litre.

The fast-drying decking oil is ideal for the treatment of exterior wooden surfaces

The surface must be dry, (moisture content less than 15 %, relative air humidity less than 80 %) and the temperature a minimum of +10°c. The treated surface is touch dry in an hour and ready for re-treating in approximately 4 hours. Dense or newly planed wood absorbs the oil more slowly and it takes longer to dry.

Always stir the decking oil thoroughly before and during treatment. Mix a big enough batch in a separate container for large continuous surfaces to avoid possible variation in shade. Also treat open ends of timber thoroughly. Do not use in the rain or in direct sunlight. Do not treat surfaces heated by the sun.

For healthy, long lasting wood structures, clean and re-treat surfaces regularly.

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0.9 litres, 2.7 litres, 9 litres


Rough surface, Smooth planed surface

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