Uulatuote Oy

Yttiläntie 265, 32920 Kauvatsa, Finland
Phone +358 10 8200 020


Uula-Studio is situated in Tampere and aims to help interior designers, architects, painters, and consumers when choosing the right paint types and colours. Uula Studio works as a second office for Uulatuote oy and provides technical support for Uula retailers and consumers. Uula- product trainings are organized in Uula Studio venue on request for students studying in the painting industry.

Uula Studio is open from Monday to Friday at 10 – 17 in Laukontori 10, 33200 Tampere.


Palvelemme teitä myyntinumerossamme 010 820 0020 tai osoitteessa uula@uula.fi arkisin klo 8-16.

Tehtaanmyymälämme palvelee arkisin klo 10-16 ja UulaColor Studio arkisin 9-16.

Uulan tuotteita myyvät maalausalan asiantuntijaliikkeet Suomessa löydät jälleenmyyjät-sivulta.


Palvelemme teitä mielellämme henkilökohtaisesti neuvontanumerossamme 010 8200 020 tai osoitteessa uula@uula.fi.

Voitte myös kysyä neuvoa lähimmältä jälleenmyyjältänne tai löytää etsimänne tiedon maalien tuoteselosteista tai maalausohjeet -sivun usein kysytyistä kysymyksistä.

  • Uula

    Uulatuote is a Finnish family company that makes traditional natural paints with over 40 years of experience. All Uula products are non-toxic, odourless, and breathable. By using Uula-products you can be sure that you are using a natural, safe, and easy to use paint, that is suitable for the interior and exterior surfaces of your home – also suitable for allergic families. We have the widest selection of products and colours from all manufactures making natural paints. Surfaces painted with Uula are durable and washable.

    The colours of Uula-paints are made from natural, authentic pigments. The colours are tinted to suit the Finnish nature and the Finnish mentality. Traditional Nordic paints is part of the Finnish countryside and a suitable paint in the modern times. The paints are suitable for restauration or painting of old furniture’s, restauration of old buildings or for painting new surfaces.

  • History

    The story of Uulatuote began in 1975 in Nurmo, when paint manufacturer Winter Ltd representative Arto Uunila resigned and established Väri-Vinkki with his family. Shortly after Arto started to boil red earth paint along with his son and wife and soon the small workshop turned into a traditional paint company. Uulatuote Ltd was established 1978.

    The paints were developed for the need of restauration buildings and customers and soon addition to the red earth paint there was also linseed oil paint and gluepaint as well as interior roof paint for old buildings.

    When the paint philosopher Uunila retired in 1992 his son Jouni Uunila became CEO. During the years 1992-2010 Jouni expanded the product range of Uulatuote and oversaw the company’s rise from a small paint shop to where it is today. In the year 2008 new water soluble paints were introduced. Nowadays Uulatuote is run by Sari Uunila, Arto Uunila’s daughter and the company employs 15 employees.


Sari Uunila

010 8200 024

Jouni Uunila

Chairman of the Board
010 8200 023

Timo Holmi

0500 590 229

Carita Kallio

050 4131 427

Ella Uunila

Sales Secretary
0500 235 761

Sonja McMenamin

Sales Secretary
050 4131 426